Emilie’s story: Taking the family business to the next level

Emilie Gratton knew she had a big legacy to uphold when she took over her mother’s spa that’s been running for more than 40 years.

The business was built on a steady foundation, with Emilie’s mother Danielle starting her journey in esthetics when she was just 18-years-old and later started her own business at the age of 21.

In 1989, Danielle purchased an old chapel on Lyon St and renovated the entire building and Meta Esthetique was born.

Flash forward to now and her daughter, 31-year-old, Emilie, has been working within the business for the past 12 years and is now the CEO and Manager of Meta Esthetique in Ottawa, Canada.

Emilie started Growth Factor in June 2021 and remains a member today. And while business was steady, she knew that continuing to invest in herself and grow would be the leverage point she needed to take the business to the next level.

Emilie Gratton is the CEO and Manager of Meta Esthetique in Ottawa, Canada, a business founded by her mother 40 years ago and a legacy that she’s been proud to uphold. .


“It has helped me tremendously understand how to run a successful aesthetics business,” Emilie said.

“Now, I know exactly where I'm headed and I know what I need to do to get there. I never really had an idea on what my business could do for me, and after spending so much time in this group, I now know the potential it has.”

Emilie said that working with Addo has helped her to understand how to develop different streams of revenue, financials and other key areas of improvement.

“I feel like I finally have a solid idea of what my business should look like, where it should be going, and what it can bring me,” she said.

“Now that I understand my numbers and trackers better, the minute I joined Addo, I was put into action mode."

“Within six months, I made 50K additional dollars in revenue, when we had been in plateau mode for the past five years. I've also doubled my salary within a year, and that's all thanks to Addo for showing me the ‘profit-first’ way of doing things."

“It's the best darn investment I've made, I couldn't be more proud of myself. I feel like I can now confidently say that I am thriving as a growing Spa CEO.”

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