Preparing Your Aesthetic Business for Financial Success with Snowe Saxman

Does just hearing the word, “taxes” make you cringe? How about the thought of navigating the waters of setting up your business’ legal structure? 

Well, you’re not alone because those things make me shudder, too. 

Unless you’re an aesthetic expert who happens to have a gift for financial number crunching or have a solid background in business administration, knowing the ins and outs of how money works in your aesthetic business can be a major headache. 

This sentiment couldn’t have been clearer than when I asked all of you in my community what topics you wanted to see covered here on the blog. Financial prepping and planning were a couple of the top subjects by a landslide!  

Thankfully, with the smart guidance of a professional to help you, taking care of all the financial aspects of your business can become a walk in the park so you can get back to the work you do best and enjoy most.

Today I’m talking with one of those professionals, the wonderful Snowe Saxman aka The Money Oracle, who empowers women to have it all: more money, more choices and more time with their families by helping them create more money, manage their money, and multiply their wealth. 

In today’s dose of inspiration, education, and encouragement, we cover some of the biggest financial topics for aestheticians including how to properly make deductions on your taxes, how to legally structure your business for success, saving for retirement, and Snowe also gives us her best advice for tax planning and prepping. 

Again, thank you so much to Snowe for providing your wisdom and expertise! To learn more about her services and how she can help you overcome your struggles with money and get you set up for success, head over to her website here

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The Encourage Project

The Encourage Project is a series that features Health and Beauty Professionals across the country and asks them a simple question.  

What action or piece of advice do you feel has been the greatest contributor to your success? 

This weeks featured aesthetician is Ashli Carnicelli and her answer is below: 

"Treat everyone like a VIP whether it's a coworker receiving a free treatment from you, clients you see frequently, or someone you have never met- give everyone the very best of your time and energy and keep your standards set on the red carpet treatment." 

Ashli Carnicelli is a licensed aesthetician at Bella Sante Spas