The Science Behind SkinCeuticals

As aestheticians and aesthetic experts it is so important for us to stay current with the trends and technological advances in our industry.  One category where that is especially important is with skincare brands.  

With the US cosmetics industry projected to do $62.46 Billion ( in sales in 2016 - yes, that was Billion with a B - knowing your skincare is ever more important.  Our clients and patients are buying skincare products and if they are not buying them from you - a trained professional - they are buying them from somewhere else.  

Yes, yes, I know you’ve heard that line before.  Probably at every product training you’ve been to in the past few years, but there is a reason for it and numbers don’t lie.  The thing is if they are not buying products from you, they are likely making decisions based off of paid celebrity endorsements or really effective marketing which does not benefit their skin.  

We, the trained professionals, need to know what’s out there which is why I was inspired to create this post for you.  

SkinCeuticals has been one of my go-to lines for the past 8 years.  I was trained on it when I was working at MediSpa Maui and was instantly in love. 

The quality of the ingredients.

The cosmetic elegance of the product. 

The speed of result

The support of the reps. 

And the science, oh the science...  

There is a reason that SkinCeuticals is one of the most recognizable medical grade brands on the market.  Advanced skincare backed by science.  Coming from someone who has worked with the line for the past 8 years and has been trained in the SkinCeuticals Micropeels, I can tell you that is 110% true.  

Interested in learning more about this phenomenal line?  Well, take a moment to watch this quick 20 minute video with Nicole Simpson, the AVP of Global Education for SkinCeuticals (what a dream job, right??).  

Nicole has a biochemistry background and is also a licensed aesthetician.  She is responsible for 32 countries and she has been gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule to chat with us.

SkinCeuticals is a major player in the skincare industry so whether your spa carries the line or not, you will absolutely benefit from being educated and well versed in their line.  

To learn more about SkinCeuticals or to get in contact with a rep in your area visit

Thriving Aesthetician's Masterclass Announcement + Scholarship Winners

I am beyond thrilled to announce the official launch of the Thriving Aesthetician's Masterclass on January 2, 2016!!   

The course is for any aesthetician who wants to bring their business or career to the next level: making more sales, ensuring your clients are taken care of, and making more money than the average aesthetician.

The program is laid out like this:

  • Week 1: Know Your Strengths + Skills and Use Them Strategically
  • Week 2: Your Success Mindset
  • Week 3: Who is Your Ideal Client? + Find and Attract Them
  • Week 4: Building Trust + The Consult
  • Week 5: Retail Sales Fundamentals
  • Week 6: Selling With Instinctive & Genuine Confidence
  • Week 7: Efficiency & The Follow Up
  • Week 8: Putting It All Together

Throughout the month of January I will be hosting four webinars with detailed trainings as well as exclusive offers for those who join the Thriving Aesthetician's Masterclass.  

All students who register for the Thriving Aesthetician's Masterclass in January will be entered into a drawing to win a full day of in-person business coaching with me.  I will fly to your spa, anywhere in the continental United States, and spend 4 hours learning about your goals for your business.  

The two of us will head out for a nice lunch together where I'll gather some more information so I can write a customized 6 month business & marketing plan for you - a $7,200 Value!


January 2 - Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Client + TAM Offer Webinar 

  • Discover where to find your prospective dream clients and how to communicate with them
  • This is why networking may be the most important thing you do in your business
  • Master beneficial in-person networking methods
  •  Learn traditional business marketing tips you can also use
  • Find out why your online presence helps or hurts you 
  • Determine how online marketing can drive your business
  • Start using your new networking & marketing skills



January 7 - Use A Product Sales Elevator Speech to Increase Retail Sales + TAM Offer Webinar

  • Master how to create your most natural elevator speech
  • Create and customize your product sales elevator speech (sincerity, passion & honesty play a big part here)
  • Find out how and when to use your product sales elevator speech



January 23 - Creative Marketing for Aestheticians + TAM Offer Webinar

  • Learn the difference between traditional and creative marketing
  • Understand why creative marketing works better in the spa industry
  • Get clear on strategy and technique so you can start using creative marketing in your practice today



January 27 - Keys To A Successful Consult With Matt Taranto + TAM Offer Webinar

  • Collect communication methods and tips to help you connect with your clients
  • Here's the right way to showcase treatments
  • Explore why and how you should cover all the information (plus the importance of photos)
  •  Learn how to close the sale with ease

Congratulations to the Thriving Aesthetician Masterclass Scholarship Winners!

Thank you for taking the time to apply.  I truly enjoyed reading each of your essays and can't wait to watch you THRIVE!!  You will all be receiving an email from me shortly with instructions on how to proceed.  


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