Andrea’s story: From solo aesthetician to spa CEO in 18 months

Licensed aesthetician, multiple business owner and self-proclaimed women’s activist Andrea Klien retired herself from her spa after just 18 months as a solo aesthetician.

The successful spa CEO and former Addo Aesthetics student launched her spa’s brick and mortar location at the end of 2019, and since then she has completely removed herself from the treatment room.

Andrea started her career by going to beauty school at age 34 and, in less than nine years, built a seven-figure day spa that she was able to retire from so she could focus on her life’s purpose, the Liberté Foundation for Women.

Andrea now travels the world documenting women’s stories of freedom and entrepreneurship, and through her nonprofit, Andrea is able to share the gift of freedom through grant giving to female small business owners around the world.

Licensed aesthetician, multiple business owner and self-proclaimed women’s activist Andrea Klein is a former Addo Aesthetics student.

Andrea also launched her own skincare brand that’s helping women across the globe. She first came to Addo Aesthetics in 2020 and has worked with CEO Daniela Woerner one-to-one for about three years. She credits investing in coaching at Addo Aesthetics and surrounding herself with other women on a similar path in business to her business success.

“The only way I accomplished all of those meaningful things was to step out of the treatment room and feel no guilt and own it like a CEO. Otherwise, I would not have progressed. I needed to make some big CEO decisions and it was uncomfortable but there were some big things I wanted to achieve.” Ms. Klein said.

Andrea’s 18-month journey from solo aesthetician to spa CEO shows exactly what is possible in business if you step outside the treatment room. 

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