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EP 129: Reaching 7-Figure Celebrity Aesthetician Status Through PR With Alana and Jared Mitchell

leadership marketing Mar 30, 2020


Publicity month is still going strong here on The Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, and in this episode I’m welcoming back Alana and Jared Mitchell of Skincare by Alana as we talk all things media and publicity!


Alana and Jared were my guests back on Episode 78 and Episode 89 (links to both of those episodes in the resources section below) where we talked about their journey to scaling  Skincare by Alana from a 70 square foot day spa room into a multiple 7-figure business that has cultivated over 25 million dollars in product and services sales. 


And in Episode 89, we got laser-focused on their online zone of genius, Google search and Google My Business, but today we’re moving into the realm of media, which is something they’ve used since the beginning to help grow their brand awareness and scale their sales efforts to mass audiences. 


In this episode, they share how they first got started with building buzz for the Skincare by Alana brand and how those initial efforts have also continued to build upon each other over time to gain greater media exposure opportunities.   


Whether you have big dreams that you want to take to a worldwide stage, or you envision yourself as the go-to expert in your immediate community, Jared and Alana’s tips will help you no matter where you’re starting or where you plan to take your publicity journey. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Alana and Jared use the power of PR in all three of their businesses, and how they initially embarked on their publicity journey 
  • Why it’s important to define what publicity means for you and the steps for determining which outlets to focus on gaining publicity
  • What it means to “build your ladder” to gain momentum in the media and their top tips for pitching with persistence 
  • An introduction to their new product and how they’re using PR to spread the word, plus their advice on when to bootstrap your PR efforts versus paying for publicity management



References Mentioned in Episode #129: Reaching 7-Figure Celebrity Aesthetician Status Through PR With Alana and Jared Mitchell 


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