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EP 193: Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses You Need to Know

leadership Feb 01, 2021

In light of all of the events in 2020 (the pandemic, increased support of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, economic crisis), and how they all weave and converge together, in celebration of Black History Month in 2021, I wanted to feature three Black business owners who have made a profound impact in their industries, in my business, and on my own entrepreneurial journey.  


While there is a vast amount of work to be done to break apart the forces of systemic racism and oppression, the array of events in 2020 will forever be a part of Black History, and to make the future brighter and more equitable, it’s crucial to continue supporting and sharing about Black-owned business. 


So without further adieu, here are three entrepreneurs I’m honored to know and learn from, and I think you should, too. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  • Critical statistics surrounding Black women in the workforce and Black-owned businesses amidst the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Why amplifying the voices of Black-owned businesses is key to creating a more equitable future and economic landscape 
  • Highlights on three entrepreneurs and how their genius can help you become a better leader, business owner, and aesthetician 


References Mentioned in Episode #193: Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses You Need to Know



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