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EP 227: 3 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Clients This Mother’s Day

marketing May 03, 2021

It’s one of the biggest spa-lidays on the calendar, and this year it felt like it crept up faster than ever before...I’m talking about Mother’s Day! 


With many spas shut down during Mother’s Day in 2020, this year is an opportunity to create a surge of sales both online and in-spa, because, let’s face it, after a year like 2020, mamas need a spa day (scratch that, week!) and plenty of pampering products. 


While I hope you’ve already been hard at work preparing your Mother’s Day promos, I also wanted to get your wheels turning on a few ideas for not just bolstering more Mother's Day sales, but paving the way for greater relationship building and retention. 


How do you do that? 


Through surprising and delighting the moms in your community and audience. 


In this week’s episode, I’m sharing a few ideas you can put together quickly and without taking too large of a chunk out of your budget. 


Be sure to let me know if you try any of these ideas out in your spa on Mother’s Day by sharing in the Spa Marketing Made Easy Facebook community, I would love to cheer you on and see what you did!  


In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • 3 quick and easy ways to make the moms you’re connected to in your business feel special and cared for 
  • Why these ideas work to not only help your clients feel loved in the moment, but also further your relationships for greater retention and loyalty 
  • How you can incorporate these ideas even if you’re on a tight budget for “extras,” as well as how to not look at these ideas as “extras” at all, but rather a part of your advertising budget
  • My top tips and do’s and don’ts for these ideas to ensure that you’re truly surprising and delighting your clients, giving them a great experience, and making it pay off for you in the long haul!  


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