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EP 363: $46.5K in 7 Days - How Ashlen Day Ran Her Best Gift Card Promo Yet

business inspiration marketing Jan 15, 2024

“$46,500 in SEVEN DAYS?! TELL ME EVERYTHING!” was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Ashlen’s Wednesday Wins post last month.


In my Growth Factor Framework program, we ask our Spa CEOs to share a win every Wednesday to serve as a reminder that they aren’t just problem solvers, they’re achievers worth celebrating all milestones!


In addition to Ashlen’s December gift card promo being a smashing success, what drew me to her success story was how she created a great cash infusion into her business by keeping a successful sales strategy from the previous owner and amplifying it by combining guerilla marketing tactics with new technology strategies. 


Here to spill the details on her goal crushing promotion and share her top takeaways in this episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast is Ashlen Day, Spa CEO of CopperLeaf Spa & Salon in Winnsboro, Texas. 


She started out as a service provider at CooperLeaf in 2017 and eventually moved into the management eventually purchasing the spa and becoming the owner in 2023. Plus she’s one of my students in the Growth Factor Framework program!


Her business is home to 22 employees, 19 of them being service providers, and offers a broad spectrum of services including: massage, aesthetics, nails & hair.


If you’re looking to see what’s possible through a dedicated promotional retail push, I highly recommend you tune in for a strong dose of inspiration, encouragement and tangible takeaways.


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Ashlen’s journey from service provider to owner of CooperLeaf Spa & Salon
  • The annual process her business follows to run a 20% off $100 or more in gift cards promotion
  • The marketing strategies she relied heavily on that helped CooperLeaf have its best year running this promo yet - $71.5K for the entire month of December! 
  • The key takeaways she plans to revise to set her up to achieve her $100,000 goal in December 2024

References Mentioned in Episode #363: $46.5K in 7 Days - How Ashlen Day Ran Her Best Gift Card Promo Yet


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