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EP 081: Uncovering the Science of ALASTIN Skincare with Nai’a Bradshaw

products Jun 23, 2019

When my dear friend Nai’a, who is my guest on this episode, sent me some products from the new skincare line she began working with, I was excited…

I know anything she loves and represents will be something I’ll also love, but guys, this brand has blown me away.

See, I’ve consulted with a number of the top physician dispensed skincare brands, so I’ve got products galore (not a bad problem to have), but it can also be hard for me to pick true “favorites.”

But after trying ALASTIN, I’ve got favorites. That’s right, plural, multiple favorites.

In addition to having fantastic everyday use products for your day to day skincare regime, the products that have been formulated to work with specific treatments such as CoolSculpting, bring this brand to a whole other level, which is why I wanted to bring Nai’a on the show.

Together we dive into the science behind the brand and the story of how it all got started, plus how ALASTIN Skincare's products can elevate the results you’re helping to achieve for your patients and clients.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Nai’a’s journey from aesthetician to becoming a product rep
  • The origin story of ALASTIN and why the founders set out to carve out a new market within the world of medical grade skincare
  • A breakdown of the various ALASTIN product lines, the science behind the products, and how they coincide with treatments being offered at various practices
  • My favorite ALASTIN products and how you can win one of my favorites!

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