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EP 092: Behind the Scenes of Starting a Skincare Line with Kaelin Jutras, founder of Herbal Skin Solutions

products Sep 09, 2019

Funny enough, my first conversation with today’s guest sparked because she was removed from my previous Facebook group, Aestheticians Connect. 


Not for anything bad, she was just doing some honest to goodness marketing and her post got flagged, but immediately upon messaging her, I knew I wasn’t talking to someone who was looking to spam every social channel with what she was up to. 


Rather, this is a woman who was getting her boots on the ground, connecting, starting conversations, and plugging into the communities where she knew she could find her dream clients and help them. 


Her ambition was palpable and her drive was fierce, which is without a doubt why she’s made it to where she is today, which is the founder of a fast-growing skincare device and product brand, Herbal Skin Solutions. 


Kaelin Jutras founded Herbal Skin Solutions at just 24 years old after experiencing lackluster support from product sales reps at her spa and has rapidly expanded her product line and her profits due to the community-based nature of her brand-building efforts. 


She knew there was a better way to serve the working aesthetician, and she envisioned having a product line where aestheticians using the product in their treatment room would be able to receive support and feedback from fellow aesthetic experts with a deep knowledge of skincare and experience working with clients. 


So, she set out to create it herself, and Herbal Skin Solutions was born. 


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Kaelin is joining me to discuss the critical parts of the path to creating her own skincare company including her behind-the-scenes look at how she got her products off the ground, and what it takes to continue evolving and growing the company. 


She also shares some of her top resources and the steps to take if creating your own skincare line is a path you dream of navigating for yourself. 


Whether that’s a dream you hold, or you simply want to get a picture of what this side of the aesthetic industry, this episode is packed with business and mindset wisdom that every ambitious aesthetician can take away. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Kaelin’s story of how she began her skincare line and her why that drives her 
  • A look behind-the-scenes at a what the life of a device and product creator is like and the biggest challenges she has faced on the path to success 
  • Kaelin’s top tips and resources for getting started with producing your own product line 
  • The critical mindset elements you need to consider when navigating a skincare start-up


References Mentioned in Episode #092: Behind the Scenes of Starting a Skincare Line with Kaelin Jutras, founder of Herbal Skin Solutions


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