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EP 121: Client Retention and Retail Sales with Growth Factor Students Sykes & Lanno

marketing Feb 24, 2020


It’s a new month and a new episode with my Growth Factor Framework students, Sara and Melissa, the co-founders of Sykes & Lanno!


If you’re late to the party, here’s the scoop…  


Every month in 2020, I’m sitting down with Sara and Melissa to pull back the curtain and show the real behind-the-scenes in what it takes to build a seven-figure aesthetic practice and keep that success sustainable. 


If you haven’t tuned into our first couple of episodes, you can go listen to those here on Episode #106 and here in Episode #113


So, now that we’re squarely in the middle of Q1, we’re taking a close look of what they’ve been up to in the first month and a half of 2020 and discussing how they’ve 3X’d their revenue from Quarter 1 of 2019. 


Yes, you read that right! 


When most business owners are happy to see 10-20% year-over-year growth, in one quarter, Sara and Melissa have busted through their previous benchmark, and in this episode, we’re going over all the actionable steps they’ve taken that can be directly attributed to those numbers. 


If you’re a spa owner or esthetician who is looking to bump up their client retention rate and retail sales (before your client even comes in for their first treatment!), this episode with Sara and Melissa is a can’t-miss listen. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • What they attribute to their exponential growth compared to Quarter 1 of 2019
  • The numbers around their client retention rate and how they get 95% of their clients to rebook
  • How they structure their consultations and regimen design to increase client compliance and ensure optimal results from their treatment plans 
  • How they break down the conversation and communication both during and after  treatment to provide an excellent client experience 
  • What steps they’re taking now to continue to refine and scale their growth efforts moving into March 



References Mentioned in Episode #121: Client Retention and Retail Sales with Growth Factor Students Sykes & Lanno




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