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EP 357: Sharing Event Strategies that Resulted in $225K with Samantha Surman

business inspiration marketing Dec 04, 2023

When you hear that somebody has hosted a wildly profitable event, the natural response is “tell me everything!”


Today’s episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is doing just that. 


Samantha Surman, one of my Spa CEOs from my Growth Factor® Framework program, is spilling all of the juicy event details of how she generated $225K in revenue by hosting back-to-back events.


After meeting at a Dermaconcepts event, Samantha joined my program and focused all of her efforts on event planning. She’s the Medical Spa Manager at Healthy Complexions Spa where she’s focused on managing the growing team. 


We break down the ins and outs of how she went from barely hitting 4 figures to hosting 5- + 6-figure events in a matter of months after joining Growth Factor®.


The lessons shared in this episode are a must for Spa CEOs ready to run successful events. 


In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Samantha’s professional journey and the connection that brought her to join my Growth Factor® Framework program
  • The key takeaways she learned inside Growth Factor® that set the foundation for her mini event and open house
  • Her glowing review of working with Dermaconcepts 
  • All of the event details, including the most unexpected thing, and her advice for listeners
  • Her next big goal as a Spa Manager

References Mentioned in Episode #357: Sharing Event Strategies that Resulted in $225K with Samantha Surman



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