EP 035: Balancing Work and Life as a Busy Mom with Ashli Carnicelli

leadership Jun 01, 2019

Anyone who’s a working mom knows the struggle of trying to “do it all,” which also comes with the lesson that if you’re going to try to do it all, it’s difficult to do it all well.


Cue the mom guilt.


With a 17-month-old, I’m right there in the trenches of working out the balance between my family, baby and my business.


Some days everything flows smoothly, but with an ever-growing little one, those smooth days and ironed out schedules can quickly shift and it can feel like we’re back to square one on finding balance.


While those days are par for the course in the grand scheme of parenthood, chaos doesn’t have to be the norm.


As my guest on today’s episode shares, with a few key strategies and practices in place, not only can you take on the tasks your heart desires, but you can craft a mom life/work life balance that actually works and feels good (sans the mom guilt).


In this episode, Ashli Carnicelli, a mom of three (and two under two!), joins me to discuss how she balances her roles as mom, esthetician, and blogger so that she’s consistently present and productive.


If you’ve ever felt even a twinge of guilt about not being present with your kids while reaching for your dreams, or questioned how you’re dividing your time between home and work, I know hearing Ashli’s journey and insights will put your worries at ease and give you some tangible steps you can start putting into action immediately.


Whatever your personal family and work situation, the most important thing I think you’ll walk away with is there’s no “right” way to strike a balance.


What works for you won’t work for everyone, and it’s about time we start to lay down our guilt and dust off our capes because no matter what, I know you’re already superwoman. And this episode will help you see and feel it.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • How Ashli crafts her daily and weekly schedule to meet her and her family’s needs
  • Her strategies and mindset to bring in balance, allow presence and excuse mom guilt from her life juggling multiple roles
  • Why we need to open up this conversation so we can crush mom guilt and focus on the goals  that are important for us, and thus, our family’s and kid’s futures


References Mentioned in Episode #035: Balancing Work and Life as a Busy Mom with Ashli Carnicelli


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