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EP 208: A Deep-Dive into Jan Marini Skin Research with Teresa Baldwin, L.E.

education Mar 08, 2021

While I’m a total marketing nerd and love to talk about any and all things business strategy, one of my favorite topics to delve into is skincare itself. Of course, I always want to tie it back to business and professional development, which is why I think you’ll love the conversation I’m having with Teresa Baldwin, an Account Development Manager with Jan Marini Skin Research. 


Teresa is a California Licensed Esthetician with over 16 years in the cosmetic aesthetics industry with most of my career being in medical skin care sales with a customer focus on dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas. 


She’s also worked for some of the top brands in the biz, including SkinCeuticals, SENTE Labs, Cartessa Aesthetics (Capital Equipment) and now Jan Marini Skin Research, and her passion for skin aesthetics and helping business owners through education on product knowledge to hands-on professional treatment simply radiates through the screen. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • What sets the Jan Marini Skin Research brand apart from formulation to results 
  • The value of having support and resources from the brands you carry within your spa
  • How Jan Marini Skin Research crafts top-tier resources and ongoing education for their brand partners and what you can expect from them
  • What aesthetic practitioners and businesses make for an ideal match with Jan Marini Skin Research


References Mentioned in Episode #208: A Deep-Dive into Jan Marini Skin Research with Teresa Baldwin, L.E.




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