EP 031: How Retail Changed My Life and Business

leadership mindset Jun 01, 2019

If you’ve been connected to AddoAesthetics for a while or been a listener of Spa Marketing Made Easy for even just a couple of episodes, you know I’m passionate about spa retail sales.


I consider it my zone of genius, which is why much of my work has centered around consulting with physician-dispensed skincare brands as well as working with solo aestheticians and spa owners to bolster their retail efforts.


But like most things we’re passionate about, retail sales wasn’t something I just magically became good at one day.


It took a lot of self-education and practice, but once I saw the results I was helping my clients achieve as well as the potential for growth that retail sales afforded me in my career (and later in building AddoAesthetics), I drilled down and refined my strategy and skills ’til I saw the results I sought out.


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m going to walk you through that journey and show you how if you develop your retail skills, you have the potential to drastically grow your business (with plenty of my insider tips and insights included, of course!).


If you’ve been sitting on the fence with bringing a skincare line into your spa or feeling uncertain in your ability to sell retail, I urge you to give this episode a listen.


If it’s something you desire, it’s something you can acquire.


Key takeaways from this episode:


  • My journey into retail sales and how it started from the perspective of the client
  • How I came to love physician-dispensed skincare brands and my approach to creating custom regimens for my clients
  • Why retail sales isn’t actually about sales
  • How I looked at retail sales as an opportunity for the consulting arm of my business and educational component for my work with estheticians


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