EP 146: A Step-by-Step Process to Hiring Your Dream Team

leadership Aug 03, 2020


Whether you’re ready to scale your aesthetic practice by growing your team now, or you’ve got a vision for expanding beyond being a solo in the future, having a thorough understanding of the hiring process will always serve you well. 


( Yes, even if you never hire and you’re an employee, knowing how employers are approaching the hiring process is still a fantastic piece of knowledge to have in your backpocket.)


Often I hear about hiring disappointments like not getting any great candidates to interview or finding someone you thought was promising only to be let down shortly thereafter. 


Listen, there will always be rough patches in the process of building your team, sometimes no matter how much prep and precaution you take, you’ll still hire the person you thought was great, and for whatever reason, it doesn’t pan out. 


Scenarios like these can wear you down and make you weary about trusting other people inside your business, but I’m here to share with you my tried-and-true process that will allow you to build the dream team that can take you and your business to new heights with minimal rough patches along the way. 


From finding the best possible candidates straight out the gate to knowing how to navigate an interview and your new employee’s first quarter on your team. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • How to craft your hiring ads and where to place them to find candidates quickly
  • My 2-step interview process to ensure you only conduct productive in-person interviews
  • Why you should consider having a 90-day probation period for new hires and what that looks like 
  • How properly praise and encourage your team members as well as have the tough conversations with ease
  • Setting expectations for professional development and how this benefits your team long-term


References Mentioned in Episode #146: A Step-by-Step Process to Hiring Your Dream Team 



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