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EP 291: Formulating Your Own Products with Lorraine Dallmeier, CEO of Formula Botanica

business education Aug 08, 2022

When it comes to revving up your retail revenue, one of the most common avenues spa owners explore is private label. But often private labels can leave much to be desired in terms of what you, and your customers, actually want out of a product, especially one with your brand name on it.  


Enter: custom formulations. 


If you’ve ever considered creating your own product line from the ground up, you’re going to love this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy! 


Joining me on the mic is Lorraine Dallmeier; Lorraine is the award-winning CEO of Formula Botanica, an online organic cosmetic formulation and business school which has trained over 14,000 organic formulators and indie beauty entrepreneurs in 175+ countries. A Biologist and Chartered Environmentalist by training, Lorraine is on a mission to teach the world to make formulation as commonplace as cooking. 


Awarded Digital Achiever of the Year by Google and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) in 2018 and voted most influential person in the global natural beauty sector for 2020, Lorraine is a force to be reckoned with in the world of formulation, something she started as a side hustle while on maternity leave that has led to a $6 million global eLearning empire with a team of 40. 


Whether you’re just inkling with the idea of creating your own custom formulations, or you need an inspiring story of growing your empire, you’re going to love our discussion in this episode!

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