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EP 154: Making Intentional and Magnetic Branding Decisions with Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno

marketing Aug 31, 2020

Beyond understanding that your brand is not your logo or your color palette (it’s so much more and we’ll touch on that in a bit), there a few other key things you need to know about branding: 


1 - Having a beautiful brand presence that commands attention isn’t just for big name businesses and corporations. 


2 - Having a thoughtful and well-crafted brand is for every size and style business (from solo aesthetic practices to multi-location day spas), especially if you want to ensure longevity and loyalty. 


3 - The other critical piece of branding is that it’s not something you focus on “one day,” rather branding is something you should focus on from Day One. 


Because here’s the thing about building a brand your dream clients will feel magnetized to - they don’t happen on accident. 


It takes intention and ongoing action, and here to discuss this critical piece of business are my Growth Factor program students, Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno Skinbar.


This is our seventh episode together chronicling their growth journey throughout 2020 and since they were fresh off the set of a recent photoshoot to get product and branding photos for the next quarter, we thought talking about all things branding would be the perfect topic to touch on for this month’s discussion about how they’re making the intentional choices today to build an aligned brand for the future. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • How branding has been a conscious decision since Day One of starting Sykes & Lanno Skinbar
  • How Sara and Melissa define “branding” and what elements play a part in the experience and aesthetic they provide 
  • Ways they find that their brand informs and communicate the experience they provide and the feedback they’ve received from their client because of it 
  • Their experience in booking photo shoots to keep their brand visuals fresh and how that plays into their overall marketing plan 


References Mentioned in Episode #154: Making Intentional and Magnetic Branding Decisions with Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno



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