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EP 214: Conducting a Quarterly Review

business Mar 22, 2021

It’s no secret that I LOVE (yes, all caps) planning. 


Nothing like a good annual and quarterly planning session to get me excited about pulling up my Google Cal, opening my 90X goal planner, and getting my creative juices flowing. 


However, while planning is the fun stuff in business where we get to map out our goals and infinite possibilities, there is one piece of the puzzle that often gets left out of the picture but is equally as important as having a plan, and that’s conducting a review. 


More specifically, quarterly reviews.  


As we approach the end of the first quarter, I wanted to walk you through the guideposts and pointed questions that I ask myself to see the progress I’ve made, wins I’ve had, where I missed the mark, and where I need to move next in order to keep my business growing and thriving. 


Where your quarterly planning session serves as the kickoff, your quarterly review serves as the official wrap-up AND the bridge leading into your next quarterly planning session. 


Thus, it’s vitally important not just as a look in the rearview, but also as a tool for continually making forward progress. 


Whether you listen to this episode the week it airs, or find it in the middle of a future quarter, the prompts and questions in this episode are ones I know you’ll still find useful, so pull up your quarterly plan and your earbuds and let’s get reviewing. 


In this episode, I’ll walk you through: 


  • How quarterly planning builds off of annual planning and why it’s critical to not just plan, but also review how your quarter went 
  • Questions for reflection and analyzation as you look back on the quarter
  • Key areas to assess for momentum and progress as well as areas for improvement and important metrics to keep at the forefront  
  • Why self-care and energy management are important pieces of your quarterly review that shouldn’t be skipped over


References Mentioned in Episode #214: Conducting a Quarterly Review




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