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EP 170: Launching Your Own Line with Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno

inspiration leadership marketing Oct 26, 2020

Throughout 2020, I’ve had the unique opportunity to document the entrepreneurial journey with my Growth Factor students, Sara and Melissa, the co-founders of Sykes & Lanno Skinbar. 


These two women saw tremendous growth in their first year of business by hitting 6-figures, and in year two, they wanted to turn up the dial. 


( Be sure to listen to our past episodes linked below if you’ve yet to tune in!) 


Even in the face of the pandemic, Sara and Melissa continued to grow exponentially, and now, with their upward trend only continuing to climb, they’ve officially launched their own line in the form of a gorgeous bespoke beauty collection! 


It’s a move that makes total sense with the way they’ve pivoted during the pandemic and expanded their reach into the professional side of the aesthetic industry. 


In this episode, we deep dive into this new revenue stream and how they’re setting  themselves and their retailers up for success. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • Why Sara and Melissa began their latest venture - a beauty device collection and how they’re building out this new arm of their business
  • Their insights into selling at-home beauty devices to their clients and where they saw an opportunity in the market 
  • Together we paint the picture of profitability and illustrate why retailing devices isn’t something to be fearful of 
  • Sara and Melissa’s story of how their line came to fruition and what their clients are loving most about their collection 


References Mentioned in Episode #170: Launching Your Own Line with Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno



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